Thank you for your interest in my retail proven jewelry. Please contact me directly for more information about setting up a Wholesale account at markgarbarini@gmail.com or 888-563-6280. 

Please include your name, the name and location of your store, and your Tax ID Number.

A Resale license and proof of store are absolutely required.

Wholesale minimum order amount is $1000. After the first order, there is no minimum on re-orders within 6 months of previous order. If your re-order is after 6 months, wholesale re-order minimum of $1000 will apply. Additionally, we require a minimum yearly purchase total of $1500 or more to keep your wholesale account active. We are not able to do business with any store that purchases less than $1500 wholesale per year. We have found this will create and sustain a presentable and well-rounded display that will ensure your success with our line.Our accepted payments for wholesale are a cleared company check or credit card payment.The recommended retail price is approximately double the wholesale cost.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I hope you will me grow my business and my idea.

Much Love,
Mark Garbarini