Watermelon Tourmaline Double Ring


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The jagged, edgy exquisitely bright Tourmalines in this ring flaunt style. Eye catching double rings are designed to be worn on index and ring fingers. Fresh new design by Mark Garbarini inspired by 1940's avant garde jeweler Art Smith's Cluster Knuckle. These rings are surprisingly comfortable with the open shank at the top in between the stones.

All stones are natural and individually selected throughout the world and then handcrafted with sterling silver to create this one-of-a-kind ring.

STONE(S) Watermelon Tourmaline
METAL Sterling Silver 925
DIMENSIONS 48 mm x 17 mm x 26 mm
WEIGHT 22.8 grams
RING SIZE 9 and 9.5

WATERMELON TOURMALINE This stone speaks of bringing the pairs of opposites (root chakra/earth and crown chakra/heaven) into balance (the heart). Eases and balances extremes, bringing the understanding of the middle path. Helps balance and harmonize conflicting energies between the male and female polarities within oneself and in relationships. Excellent for opening the heart chakra and deepening one’s understanding of love. Calms stress/ tension. Balances/ strengthens immune and endocrine systems. Strong protective influence
Chakras: root, heart