Dendritic Quartz Double Ring


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Timeless, bold rectangular cuts of Dendritic Quartz demonstrate a clear fashion sense. Fashionable double rings are designed to be worn on index and ring fingers. Fresh new design by Mark Garbarini inspired by 1940's avant garde jeweler Art Smith's Cluster Knuckle. These rings are surprisingly comfortable with the open shank at the top in between the stones.

All stones are natural and individually selected throughout the world and then handcrafted with sterling silver to create this one-of-a-kind ring.

STONE(S) Dendritic Quartz
METAL Sterling Silver 925
DIMENSIONS 46 mm x 21.5 mm x 25.5 mm
WEIGHT 30.9 grams
RING SIZE 5 and 6

Dendritic Quartz: with inclusions of Manganese oxide or Iron oxide. The word Dendritic comes from the Greek word "dendros" meaning tree, as the inclusions in Dendritic Quartz typically resemble plant life. This stone has some of the beautiful typical inclusions showing a the arborescent, "plant like" appearance that you would expect from a good Dendritic Quartz. Dendritic Quartz is used as a Personal Talisman, in Meditation, and Goddess Worship. It is primarily used as a talisman for amplifying the Universal Life Force to enable us to have total focus on seeking a specific improvement in the basic nature of our lives. It is used to focus on one's place in the natural universe. It is an extremely powerful conduit of the Life Force that can enable a person to understand their role in the natural universe. Use dendritic quartz in meditation to get back to your natural self and escape from the artificial elements of today's civilization.
Chakras: All