Golden Rutilated Quartz with Hematite Illuminated Poison Ring


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This handmade sterling silver ring features an all-natural Golden Rutilated Quartz with Hematite and a high-polish finish. This is a one-of-a-kind piece designed by Mark Garbarini. The design is based on a ring Queen Elizabeth wore. The ring opens to reveal a space for storing special keepsakes, medicine, and/or a small color fading light that is included in the purchase of the ring.

METAL Sterling Silver 925
STONE(S) Godlen Rutilated Quartz with Hematite
DIMENSIONS 38mm x 25mm
WEIGHT 26.6 grams
LIGHT TYPE ring light
SIZE 8.5

RUTILATED QUARTZ Regeneration of tissue throughout the body. Enhances life force energy. Strengthens the immune system. Stimulates brain functions. Eases depression, facilitates inspiration. Increases clairvoyance. Highly electrical, more intensity than clear quartz. Pierces through layers of physical/emotional/spiritual density. Transmutes negativity. Enhances communication with higher self and spirit guides. Very powerful healer.
Chakras: All