Dendritic Quartz Illuminated Poison Ring


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This handmade sterling silver ring features an all-natural Dendritic Quartz with a high-polish finish. This is a one-of-a-kind piece designed by Mark Garbarini. The design is based on a ring Queen Elizabeth wore. The ring opens to reveal a space for storing special keepsakes, medicine, and/or a small color fading light that is included in the purchase of the ring.

METAL Sterling Silver 925
STONE(S) Dendritic Quartz
DIMENSIONS 35mm x 30mm         
WEIGHT 27 grams
LIGHT TYPE ring light


DENDRITIC QUARTZ  with inclusions of Manganese oxide or Iron oxide. Comes from the Greek word "dendros" meaning tree, as the inclusions typically resemble plant life. Used as a Personal Talisman, in Meditation, and Goddess Worship. Enables us to have total focus on seeking a specific improvement in the basic nature of our lives. Used to focus on one's place in the natural universe. Extremely powerful conduit of the Life Force that can enable a person to understand their role in the natural universe. Use to facilitate closeness with nature and your natural self.  Good for people living in cities.